• What is the delivery time for regular orders?

  • AIt depends on the number of orders and the season in which you place the order. The minimum delivery time is about 15 days. In g emeralds we recommend you order your desired shipping product one month before the date.

  • Q Do you have a warranty?

  • A is. It lasts for 12 months under normal use.

  • Q When can I get a quote?

  • A We usually make an offer within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry. If you are in a hurry to make an asking price

  • , please give us a call or tell us in your email so we can give your query priority.

  • Q If a connector is purchased, how can it be connected to a hose?

  • A A hose crimping tool. It can help you. We can also send you operation videos.

  • Q Why are high pressure spray hoses with lower burst pressure more expensive than others?

  • A Under the premise of the same type of hose, the larger size hose has A lower burst pressure. It takes more material to produce larger hoses.

  • Q What is the use of spray hose?

  • A Our products perform well in the following areas:

  • Insect spray hose

  • Weeding spray hose

  • Gardener/fertilizer spray hose

  • Termite control spray hose

  • Power sprayer hose

  • Q How long do I want to get samples?

  • A It will be sent to you by Courier and arrive in 3-7 days. You can use your own express account or if you do not have an account prepaid.

  • Q Can you design for us?

  • A Is, tell us what you think, and we will help you realize your idea to your satisfaction.

  • Q What type of documents do you accept for printing?

  • APDF, Word, PPT, core lottery, high resolution JPG, etc.

  • Q How can I get samples to check your quality?

  • A After the price is confirmed, you can order samples to check the quality. If samples are required, we usually charge for them. But for ordinary hoses, we can provide short hoses for free.

  • Q How long should I buy a hose?

  • A You need A hose long enough to reach the farthest position. Too much hose is better than no hose. It would cost a lot more to continuously move the pump further out than it would cost to add hoses. Consider wasted time, energy and more wear and tear on hoses.

  • Q What are the specifications of spray hose?

  • A Spray hose normalization varies from product to product. We can send you the details according to your needs.

  • Q Is this a good spray hose?

  • A is. We've tested the hose simulation exercise application. We are confident that this is a good hose. W ^ guarantee.

  • Q Are you a factory or trading company?

  • A We are A factory, but we integrate production and sales.

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