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Four important tips on how to use hose reels correctly

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Is that a long snake lying in your backyard? No, it's probably your plumbing, waiting for you to sit back and store. However, this is the case when long tubes are lying on the ground and may suffer damage. Hose reels are metal wheel like devices that allow you to wind pipes for easy handling, storage and protection from damage. There are many types of scrolls on the market. Some are free-standing and can be placed anywhere, while others have wheels that allow you to easily carry hose reels. Wall-mounted reels are also popular, allowing you to mount reels to the wall, saving space. The reel you buy depends on the length and size of the hose and whether it can hold the hose. But the most important factor is that you should know how to use hose reels properly.


Placement of hose reels: It is recommended that you install installed reels on an outdoor wall near your garden or backyard to save space. The main idea is to place the reel where it is less likely to break. This is very important when you get stand-alone scrolls.

Hose length and size: Hose length and size are very important factors in coiling operations. If your pipe length exceeds the capacity of the coil it can hold, the pipe will be damaged, kinked or twisted, resulting in leaks and cracks. You should ensure that the length of the pipe fits the reel structure. If the pipe is long, cut the pipe with sharp pruning shears and be sure to cut it at straight angles, not angles.

Careful handling: When handling reels and pipes, care must be taken not to damage them in the process. Sometimes we tend to pull out the pipe very hastily and damage the recoil mechanism and the pipe itself. In many cases, the spring reels were found to be so badly damaged that the user could no longer retract the hose automatically, thus rendering the reels completely useless. Again, the placement of hose reels plays a vital role in preventing damage to garden hoses that have been placed.


Storage and maintenance: Hoses are very important to store, so spools should be conveniently placed in order to adequately protect the pipes. You need to make sure you store it in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light can damage and rupture the lining of the pipe. The sun's heat can also cause the water inside to expand, damaging the inner tube. No matter what type of reel you use, the hose must be folded up after use. Keep it clean but dont use any harsh cleaners. Just clean the pipes with wet clothes.


Judicious use of hose reels can prevent damage to pipes and save years of quality service and money. Different types of scrolls have different ways of handling them, but they need to be handled carefully and responsibly. Keep hose trays in place, handle them carefully, store and maintain them properly for a pleasant and lasting gardening experience.

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